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These curated resources offer unparalleled insights you won't find anywhere else. It's time to boost your bottom line, expand your expertise, and hone your approach to kitchen and bath design projects!

Kitchen and Bath Design Academy is your trusted source for 1:1 mentorship and kitchen and bath interior design education. We’ll help you gain the confidence you need to take your design skills and business to the next level! 

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*PLEASE NOTE: Some CORE COURSES are CEU certified with IDCEC and are Available On-Demand

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KBDA Monthly Membership

KBDA is a Monthly Membership Community for Interior Designers, Kitchen & Bath Designers, and anyone interested in learning more about the K&B Business. 

I will be sharing valuable information, have Private Zoom meetings, and so much more! 

As a member, you will have exclusive access to some exciting stuff and educational content, plus a Private Facebook Group just for my members.

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1:1 With Alison

As a kitchen and bath design coach, I’m focused on educating and mentoring designers who are eager to learn and expand their knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as business development. Questions on a project? Questions about procedures?  Questions about designing properly? Then you are in the right place! 

Successful Kitchen and Bath Interior Design takes skill and experience. There’s a lot to know and what you don’t know can cost you time, mistakes, and money! Whether you’re new to the Kitchen and Bath business or an independent designer who wants to build your skills, and confidence, and take on larger projects, I can help you with everything you need to grow a successful business with a solid foundation in place. Set yourself apart with 1:1 mentoring you won’t find anywhere else and build your confidence and skills. 

Kitchen Design Guidelines


How do you design a functioning kitchen?

  • Learn the industry guidelines for proper kitchen design
  • Learn and understand the requirements for successful design execution
  • Learn the language of kitchen design
  • Learn how to design a winning kitchen plan

Coming Soon On Demand

Bathroom Design Guidelines


How do you design a functioning bathroom?

  • Learn the industry guidelines for proper bathroom design
  • Learn and understand the requirements for successful design execution
  • Learn the language of bathroom design and product
  • Learn how to design a winning bathroom project

Coming Soon On Demand

Kitchen & Bath Design Process


How do you start the design process?

  • Learn to execute a kitchen & bathroom design project from client intake and measuring to creating a cohesive layout plan
  • Learn to translate the client's needs into reality
  • Learn how to present your initial concept drawings professionally

Coming Soon On Demand

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Construction Standards


What are the differences between cabinet construction?

  • Learn the industry learn about construction standards and terminology
  • Learn about the woods, paints, door styles, and finishes
  • Learn how to identify good, better, and best construction methods

Coming Soon On Demand

Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Design


How do you create a lighting plan?

  • Learn lighting principles, properties, fixtures, and placements
  • Learn how to create and prepare plans for contractors

Coming Soon On Demand

Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces and Fixtures


What is the correct product to specify?

  • Learn how to identify stones and tile materials along with their properties
  • Learn about the vast options for plumbing & appliances and how to specify

Coming Soon On Demand

Final Project Documents and Drawings


What paperwork is necessary to sell K&B projects?

  • Learn to create all the documents & drawings for design execution
  • Learn to prepare the project for construction & installation

Coming Soon On Demand

Kitchen Client Questionnaire

One of the first things you need to do to start your Client's Kitchen Project is to ask a bunch of questions. 🙌☘️Lucky for you, I gathered all the questions I’ve asked clients in my almost 30 years of designing and created a client questionnaire for you. For Free. 😊

Bathroom Client Questionnaire

The list of questions you should ask your clients when designing a bathroom

Tile Patterns

All the information you need to create beautiful and unique tile designs.  Here is a template for tile 20 varied tile patterns and the percentage formulas to help create them.  

You can improvise with different sizes of tile to replicate the pattern, just keep the %'s the same for calculation purposes.

Bathroom Product Checklist PDF

Make sure you have included ALL the proper products to complete your next Client Bathroom Project with this Checklist!

Print out this PDF form and fill it out as you plan your client's project so you remember to include all the items you are specifying.

Fractions to Decimals

Turn all your fractions of inches from your room measurements and convert them to decimals for easy math calculations.  

Example 7/16" = 0.4375   ~ 11.1122 mm

Things to include in your Design Agreement

Take the time to create your ideal designer contract.  Here are the clauses that I include in my Design Agreements.

*Always refer to a Legal Professional and your State's guidelines to make sure you are well protected.

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